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This story starts years ago.

Just before my 21st birthday, my mum and I went to Corfu for a post-graduation holiday treat. It was there that we stumbled across a jewellers in the Old Town where my mum ended up buying me the most beautiful amethyst ring. It was huge, completely unusual in shape and gold finished. Beautiful and a total one of a kind.

Now I’m usually very good with looking after jewellery - I have quite a lot so sometimes I lose track of where I put it, but on the whole, when it comes to my more expensive pieces, I know exactly where they are at all times even if I haven’t worn for a while. This particular ring in question, I managed to safeguard for over 7 years but then one fateful Saturday afternoon last summer, I lost it. I’m still not entirely sure when or how it happened, all I know is that it went missing and I cried a little when I found out. Losing things is not something that happens to me often so it was frustrating to say the least but especially bitter as it was such a precious and sentimental piece of jewellery to me.

But it was around September that I received an email in my inbox, introducing me to Simon Wright - the master artisan jeweller based in Clerkenwell - who was very kindly offering to make me a piece of jewellery of my choosing.

Well, I had quite a particular piece in mind…

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It was around October time that I visited Simon in his workshop in Clerkenwell for the first time.

A genuine, down-to-earth chap from Australia, Simon gave me an introduction to his business and background (he discovered the trade whilst at Monash University Melbourne and later studied under the guidance of a number of celebrated Australian jewellers and artists). With over twenty years experience in the industry - both in Aus and the UK - Simon has honed his skills and puts them to good use, with every client that comes to his workshop.

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In our first meeting, I told him about my amethyst ring and it became pretty clear to him straight away what I was asking for.

And so we got straight to designing through sketches.

I imagine I was probably one of his easier briefs - I knew the stone and the setting and I wanted it to be as simple as possible.

It didn’t take Simon or I long to create the design. And with that, our first meeting was complete. He promised to send across a CAD model of the ring, so I could see how the piece would look before committing (though I knew it was already perfect) and said that on our next meeting, I’d get to see a selection of amethysts to choose from.

And that’s exactly what he did.

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It was at the second meeting I got to pick my amethyst.

Simon gave me four stones to choose from, each ever so slightly different, in both shape and colour.

At first sight, you could be fooled into thinking the below image shows two identical sets of amethysts, but you’d be wrong. Take the bottom row pair for example - the colour of the stone is dispersed more evenly in one rather than the other - Simon explained this was common in coloured stones and it was certainly interesting to discover as it’s not something I’d noticed before.

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The selected stone is then placed into a wax model, which is the final check stage before it’s cast.

Of course, it was all a breeze - no changes required, no tweaks to be made. The final piece was ready to be made!

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Which is exactly what happened!

A few weeks later (delayed slightly because I was never in the country for longer than a minute in December or January!) I picked up the ring.

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My ring. The final piece.

A beautiful rectangular amethyst, sparkling right at me.

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It hasn’t left my finger since leaving Simon’s workshop.

It gets all the compliments and I love telling the story. I love that the ring has a story.

I love that the ring is personal to me.

And I think that’s really what sets Simon’s craft apart from the rest - he creates a bespoke experience that is truly unique for you alone. No two ring is ever created the same.

Thank you to Simon for such an amazing gift, I feel extremely lucky to own such a special piece.

If you’re looking for a bespoke piece of jewellery, then I urge you to make an appointment with Simon. Whatever your jewellery dream, he can help create it.


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