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A staycation in the Cotswolds

Fancy a night's stay at a boutique hotel in the Cotswolds? You don't have to ask me twice. During the summer, I prefer not to go abroad and instead, enjoy my time in the UK. Naturally I always gravitate towards the Cotswolds as it still reigns supreme as my favourite countryside escape destination.

A few weeks ago, I received an invite to do just that and spend the night mid-week with a group of lovely ladies at The Rectory Hotel in the village of Crudwell. There was nothing much planned on the agenda except for a little bit of food, plenty of chatter and a lot of relaxation, which all five us really needed. The Rectory building itself dates back to the eighteenth century and played home to many a well to-do family before becoming the Grade II listed hotel that it is today. However to say it's a hotel is a bit misleading. It feels more like you've stepped inside someone's very beautiful, very comfy, very welcoming country house. Designed and styled in a way to make you feel instantly at home, with grounds that offer up a tranquil space and a pool to dip yourself in when the summer heat takes it's toll. The hardest part of your stay is probably deciding which part of the hotel you're going to put your feet up in. 

For our night's stay, Kim and I stayed in the Cottage - the others were in the main hotel - which was the ideal place for families or a group of friends to hire out. Though it was just the two of us staying, we all finished our night sprawled across the sofas watching Love Island and munching down on the doughnuts we couldn't quite find the space for at dinner. Bedrooms are simple but cosy, with some featuring gorgeous freestanding tubs to sink yourself into, and all guaranteeing a good night's sleep. 

Breakfast and dinner are served in the Glasshouse Conservatory - a pretty a space as you'll ever get for your morning and evening meals (both of which were extremely tasty I assure you). Though if you feel like venturing further afield - but not too far as why would you choose to leave The Rectory, really? - then I'd really recommend a visit to sister pub, The Potting Shed just across the road. We shared a number of nibbles before catching our train home the next day but I'd definitely like to return for a proper experience next time I stay at The Rectory.

And for a place that's so reasonably priced, there definitely will be a next time.

Got you planning a weekend retreat?

All you need to know is here:

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