There aren't many things I'd advise faking but tanning is one of the exceptions.

Growing up as a teen, there weren't nearly half as many tanning options as we have now - and they certainly weren't as advanced.

Who else remembers the days of waking up with tan covered bedsheets? Walking around with a scent of biscuit wafting around them? And who definitely managed to get that streak every time.

Yep, tanning has come a long, long way thankfully and now, dare I say it, tanning can actually be foolproof. I might as well interject here that when I say tanning, I don't mean giving your skin a radioactive orange glow. I simply mean sun kissed, bronzed, like you've had a good week or so in the sun. 

Bronzed is definitely what I aim to achieve.

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Charlotte Tilbury - Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask

This is one of my favourite overnight products because I know that when I apply it at night, I will wake up looking much better than I would normally - guaranteed. It helps even out skin tone too which probably helps battle those mornings where sleep wasn't an option and looking in the mirror isn't the greatest of starts. Oh and it doesn't smell awful either or leave you with orange streaks (could there be anything worse on your face?). Be sure to wash your hands before bed though - you don't want the dreaded 'caught orange handed look' to haunt you for days to come. 

The Chemistry Brand - Glow Oil

The Chemistry Brand falls under the Deciem umbrella so naturally that means it's going to be amazing (Deciem is the parent company to The Ordinary and Niod amongst others). Their Glow Oil is essentially an oil that builds up a sun-kissed glow with use, free from DHA (a chemical found in many self tanning products) so ideal for sensitive skins. Use alone over a period of days to build a gradual glow or add into your every day moisturiser.

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Tan-Luxe - Hydra Mousse

Probably my most used self-tanning product, I'm a mousse kinda girl. I used to be the spray kind until I discovered how easy mousses were to apply. The hydra mousse is fuss-free and easy peasy to get right. I use the Medium - Dark which gives me a good colour after one use and that's that. I could use over a few days to really build up coverage but fear what dark would look like on my skin! There is, of course, Light - Medium if that's your thing too. As with all Tan-Luxe products, they contain nourishing ingredients which give back a little bit of love to your skin. 

Tan-Luxe - The Water

Infused with vitamins B, C and E, The Water is a clear formula which you apply then go, developing over a couple of hours. Doesn't streak or smell and it's full of natural goodness so loving to your skin. Good for last minute tanners.

Tan-Luxe - Instant Hero Skin Perfector

For those days where you forget to tan the night before and you're in desperate need of some colour immediately, the Instant Hero Skin Perfector is the one. It's exactly what it says it is: a wash-off body bronzer gel which gives a flawless appearance. Provides a good amount of tannage, illuminates the skin and doesn't stick around for longer than a shower. Particularly for those minimal fuss folk out there. 

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Tan-Luxe  - The Body

For a hint of colour, just mix these drops from The Body into your usual oil/cream/lotion for a glowy sun-kissed look to your skin. It also contains skin firming benefits - Cellutone Complex - which means it's basically your new best friend right?

Tan-Luxe - The Face

As someone who doesn't wear foundation pretty much anytime of year (only on special occasions and in the deepest darkest winter when my skin is crying out for some life), tan drops are the dream. Drop a few drops (I usually do 3) into your serum/oil/cream/lotion and you'll get a much healthier, radiant look. If you're thinking this is yet another routine in your skincare/beauty regime, it's really not. Glowing skin can happen almost instantly. The Face formula also contain aloe vera and vitamin E which is wonderfully smoothing on the skin. 

Just promise me one thing, ok? Do not forget to wash your hands after!

Clarins - Golden Glow Booster

Another alternative to Tan-Luxe's The Face is Clarins' Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster which I also love. As with the Tan-Luxe drops, it's simply a case of mixing three drops into your normal day cream/lotion and your skin will instantly receive a glowy gorgeous boost of radiance. Ideal for when you don't want to wear much/any makeup but still don't want to be scared by your reflection.

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