Omorovicza / Silver Skin Saviour - A targeted mask for blemish-prone skin which contains the magic ingredients colloidal silver (known for its anti-bacterial properties), niacinamide (vitamin B3 - good for skin brightening), salicylic acid (good for exfoliating the skin and improving pigmentation issues) and finally, glycolic acid (to brighten and even the skin tone). Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off to smoother skin instantly.

Skinceuticals / Blemish + Age Defence - A super lightweight but potent treatment great for blemish prone skin. Pricey but you only need the tiniest droplet so it goes a long way. You only need apply on the areas of your face that are a concern. Used twice daily, you’ll soon see a difference in pigmentation and a reduction in imperfections.

Elizabeth Arden / Eight Hour Cream - Can you believe I’ve just discovered this cult beauty product? I’ve not even had it a month and already half way through my first tube. A great multi-tasker - think chapped lips rescuer, dry skin healer, brow shaper - that also makes for a great stocking filler (how many more ‘er’s’ can I say?). They’ve just launched the limited edition packaging with artist J Goldcrown, giving the tube a very pretty little makeover.

Elizabeth Arden / Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Serum - Genuinely one of my favourite new products to hit my beauty shelf. The serum absolutely glides on the skin, making it feel velvety smooth, it’s absolutely addictive. The capsules contain both retinol and ceramides which work harmoniously together to give you better texture, tone and a more youthful appearance after a month’s use. Can be used every night before your moisturiser, just remember to wear an SPF the next morning to protect your skin when using retinol.

Elizabeth Arden / Flawless Future Night Cream - After applying the above serum, I love smothering my face in this stuff. Aims to support the skin’s nighttime renewal process so you wake up with rested skin.

Chanel / La Crème Main - Basically, if there’s one over the top indulgent stocking filler that you need to buy this Christmas, it’s this. Now comes in a richer formula for the colder season. Currently back in stock online so hurry. I promise you, you won’t regret it. I’m hooked.

Omorovicza / Complexion Perfector - I don’t wear foundation but I wouldn’t ever leave without a bit of something on my face. The complexion perfector is super sheer and lightweight but gives your skin a healthy glow which is exactly what my skin needs from time to time! It also contains SPF 20 which is ideal for every day in winter.



Chanel / La Palette Caractère - just in time for the festive season, Chanel have launched this beauty of a lip palette with colours from Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer, Lucia Pica. Almost too pretty to mess up, but it would be rude not to use when the colours are this dreamy.

Chanel / Rouge Allure Liquid Powder - a new addition to the Chanel lip family, creamy and powdery with a matte finish. I add on top of my lipstick for an added impact. Loving ‘Radical’ for a vibrant pop of red.

Chanel / Le Vernis in Flamboyance - the perfect shade of festive red nail varnish. ** Applies to nails stat **

Clarins / Joli Rouge lipstick - for a hydrating lipstick that lasts, Clarins have a few brilliant ones in their Joli Rouge range. For a bold red, go for shade 742 - joli rouge.

Chanel / Le Lion de Chanel - Possibly the most beautiful highlighter ever. Adorned with the lion emblem (Gabrielle Chanel’s personal emblem and star sign), it gives a gorgeous golden glow to your skin. Limited edition so get it whilst you can.

Clarins / Highlighter Palette - new for the festive season, Clarins have launched this gorgeous highlighter palette. Looks as pretty on your face as it does on your dresser (and cheaper than the above).


Chanel / Biarritz Eau de toilette - Named after the town on the Basque coast which is home to the first couture house opened by a Gabrielle Chanel back in the early 90’s. A gorgeously fresh scent, with Sicilian tangerine and lily of the valley notes.

Laboratory Perfumes / Amber Candle - Rich, woody and a bit spicy this has been burning away every night in my home. Smells like heaven. And don’t even get me started on how good their eau de toilette is.

Diptyque /Baies Candle - A total classic which smells good whether it’s burning away or not. Notes of summer berries, blackcurrant leaves and roses.