Eggbreak, Notting Hill

It's true, brunch really is my favourite time of day. And whilst I spent 24 years of my life being completely opposed to the very idea of them, eggs are now very much a staple in my brunching life. I can't go a week without them and would have them every day of the week if I could. 

If you're like me and love yourself an eggstra good start to the day, well - as you *may* have guessed from the title of this post - I might just have the place for you! 

A collaborative opening between Soho House and Ennismore (the group behind the Hoxton hotels) back in 2015, Eggbreak offers up the most ideal of all ideal brunch menus AND IT'S DELISH. So where shall I start?

Shall I tell you about the cute, cosy interiors which make you feel like you've stumbled upon a gem in the country? Or the fact that at weekends, you really oughta get there early (it's a no reservations kinda joint)? Or maybe I should just get on with telling you what you need to order?

Yeah, that's the winner.

Being two girls, ravenous on a Monday morning, Rebecca and I walked into Eggbreak and didn't hold back on anything. Five dishes between the two of us? BRING. IT. ON.

And I really must recommend it.

A huge part of the menu is, of course, dedicated to eggs which we gravitated to immediately, getting our weekly egg fix in one sitting. With plenty of variety in our order too...

We went scrambled with smoked salmon, fried featuring cornbread waffles, bacon and spicy ketchup and poached with smashed avocado & chorizo.

Not content that we'd have enough, we also ordered the insanely good French toast and a charred pink grapefruit half (which I'd take it or leave it - we're here for the serious brunch dishes, ok?!)

Out of the lot, I'd have to say my favourite was probably the cornbread waffles - that spicy ketchup was a game changer! But I'd happily return for any of the above dishes. There's so much left to try, I think a repeat visit is certainly on the cards!

A cracking spot, I'd be yolking if I said to you I didn't have an eggcellent time.


30 Uxbridge Street, London, W8 7TA