No 15 Great Pulteney, Bath

Bath is a beautiful city to visit any time of year, but especially right now thanks to the glorious summer days and evenings we're enjoying. I'd really recommend a weekend away, spending it perusing the shops, exploring the quaint streets and getting lost in quintessential Britishness.

Swayed? Good. Now you'll need a place to rest your head and I have just the place!

No 15 Great Pulteney is a beautifully charming boutique hotel, a short stroll from the centre of all of Bath's action. From the outside, a stunning Georgian facade that would blend quite nicely into a Jane Austen novel, and inside, a quirky personality that shines from the moment you step over the threshold. I guarantee your eyes will wander all over the place and still not manage to take it all in (it's home to collections of all sorts: from kaleidoscopes and evening bags to shells and jewellery!).

Each room at No 15 is individually decorated, either by the owners or artists/designers that they admire. We stayed in the Henrietta Junior Suite - with its muted romantic tones, luxurious king bed and huge bathroom, it felt nothing short of a room fit for a princess. The aqua-hued bathtub, chandelier that draped from the ceiling and the Nespresso machine hidden within a dolls house, were all standout touches in the room that I can't say remind me of anywhere else I've ever stayed. 

From the reception room (a glorious infusion of earth tones with pops of colour with the reception desk hidden behind a large doll's house) to the Bar, No 15 has been thoroughly thought out. Drinks and nibbles are served in the bar, with the cocktail list inventively being laid out on the back of a deck of cards, and served upon tables filled with organised chaos (just see my pictures below for what I mean by that!). A buffet style breakfast is served in Cafe 15, set out in the style of an antique chemist's shop and filled with old apothecary bottles and more curious things to catch the eye. Finally, one place that you certainly must visit: The Larder. Open from mid-afternoon, it provides the perfect solution to those afternoon munchies. Help yourself to all the naughties: chocolate, crips, popcorn and fizzy stuff and release your inner 6 year old once more. Just try not to ruin your appetite for dinner, ok? 

No 15 Great Pulteney isn't to a minimalist's taste by any stretch of the imagination. It's a place for those that love colour, organised clutter and discovery. It's unapologetically bold and downright eccentric whilst still remaining very pretty indeed.

The perfect dwelling for your weekend in Bath if you ask me.

13 - 15 Great Pulteney Street, Bath BA2 4BS