Bye summer, bye.

A slightly delayed post due to being struck down by tonsillitis this week (nothing tells you to slow down like your own body hey?) but here we have it; one of those rarely sighted outfit posts for you! 

Whilst London enjoyed the tropical weather for all of two minutes, I decided to dress up like I just stepped out of a J Crew catalogue - I mean, I WISH - and go strolling through Notting Hill in the sweltering heat. This is perhaps one of my most girly looks to date (it's a miracle I can be tempted out of my trainers...) but I couldn't resist this oh so chic and breezy dress from Zara. Teamed with the necessary feminine accessories, I felt as though I belonged in J Crew, just for the day!

Side note confession: I actually hate London in the summer. It's too hot. It's muggy. My hair goes frizzy. Let's not even get me started on the tube (thank gawd being my own boss means no more daily commutes!).

So, with that, I say goodbye to summer, I'm happy to see the (sweaty) back of it! 

Roll on autumn with your big coats, hats, knee-high boots and cashmere jumpers. I've been expecting (and eagerly awaiting) you. 

psst... gelato I devoured after this shoot not pictured. 

Dress - Zara 

Sandals - Topshop

Scarf - Anthropologie (no online link, but available in store!)

Necklace - J Crew (old)

Bag - Mulberry (old)

StyleClaire Menary