Time for a change

Welcome to the new look blog!

I've been wanting to move away from blogger for so long and finally, I've done it! There's still plenty of updating and amending to do and no switch over is ever smooth, but I couldn't keep it in anymore, so voila. I hope you like having a nosey around, there's a lot of newness to explore.

August, though we're not even half-way through, is already the month of change. You can't always control it all, but there are some things you can - starting with the blog this week, next week maybe a new look on the cards, and who knows after that? The important thing that I have to remember is that change, can be good - so I'll be embracing every little change that comes my way because it could lead on to something tremendous. I have plenty of new blog posts lined up (just give me time to write them up ok?!) and an army of amazing people around me to see - so I guess August is the month of being extremely busy too!

How exciting.

Coat - Zara (sale, hello!)

Blouse - Topshop

Shorts - Topshop

Trainers - Adidas

Embossed bag - Cambridge Satchel Co