On Cloud Nine

Being someone that has naturally straight and boring hair, I live for beachy waves.

I will never be someone that has pristine, perfectly coiffed hair and I'm happy to say I never want to - just think of the effort! I like the mussed up, relaxed look and I think it suits me so I'm sticking with it. However, creating it has always been hard to do with my unruly, defiant hair. It simply does not do what I ask to. Even my straightening irons (which I think are slowly on their way out!) have given up on my hair.

The super lovely people at Cloud Nine (who are based in my hometown back in Yorkshire no less!) were kind enough to send me their Waving Wand to try out and it's simply a product I'm a little bit obsessed with using. It gives me that perfect tousled hair that's on the right side of messy and strangely, the wand is addictive to use! I actually enjoy taking the time to get my wave on.

You can create everything from subtle kinks in your hair to full on waves, depending on your hair length. The barrel is quite big on the wand, so those with shorter hair are less likely to get full blown curls but can still achieve that 'I've just got out of bed' look, which is just as good!

The wand is super simple to use: you just turn it on, select your heat and start twirling your hair round the barrel - and for those that always end up burning your hands, it even comes with a super handy protective glove (which for clumsy people like me is very handy!). What I also noticed from using the wand is how much volume and thickness it gives your hair which in my books, is a great big yes please! 

I genuinely love the waving wand so if you're looking to treat your hair this Christmas (it's not too late for Santa to get the hint!) then I suggest you give the angels at Cloud Nine a call. Have a peek at their website below - next on my list is their heated rollers!