Twixmas Adventures

Back in December I learnt three very profound things:

  1. The period in between Christmas and New Year is called Twixmas.
  2. Twixmas is in no way related to the chocolate and biscuit bar, commonly known as Twix.
  3. Speaking of Twix bars, they now have a Twix in the box of Celebrations - since when did that become a thing? I can confirm that it is actually a fantastic addition and more than makes up for there still being Milky Way chocolates in the box.

But I digress. Twixmas. 

For our Twixmas this year, the fam decided to have a break away at the coast. The East Sussex coast to be specific. 

We visited a number of places during our Twixmas escape, all of which I'd recommend you a pay a visit to! Want to know where I went?

Well read on...

B E A C H Y  H E A D 



Beachy Head cliffs in Eastbourne is the highest chalk sea cliff in the UK and a rather spectacular sight to see on a good day. It's natural beauty at its best. You can if you so please walk for miles and, on a clear day, see for miles too.

It's also a rather daunting spot, especially for those afraid of heights! Whatever you do, don't go too close to the edge because it literally a sheer drop down. No barriers, no ledges, no nothing. Just a terrifying drop down approximately 530 feet!


R Y E 

Rye is a charming small town in East Sussex that I would happily return to at a moment's notice. You feel like you're stepping back in time as you explore the cobbled streets and pay a visit to the charming shops in the town. Stop by the sweet shop to pick up a bag of milk bottles (my fave), head to one of the town's many tea rooms (we went to Edith's House for a cup of hot chocolate) and be sure to pop into Ashbee & Co for heavenly gifts for the home.

One absolute must-see is Mermaid Street, a picturesque street filled with centuries old houses. Utterly charming! It's also home to the historical Mermaid Inn which was established in the 12th century - reading up about the Inn now and it has a rather spectacularly spooky past! - and although we didn't go in to sample the goods, it looked like a place well worth a visit on our next trip. 

Lastly, one's for a view, my brother and I headed up the tower of St Mary's Church to see 360 degree views over Rye. A fun little experience worth the £3.50!

D U N G E N E S S 

Quite unlike any place I've ever visited before is Dungeness. How best to describe it? Like a post-apocalyptic wilderness perhaps?

The eery landscape is one you absolutely have to see for yourself. On one side of the land you have the enormous EDF power station, the other a shingle beach and in between, abandoned boats, giant lighthouses, train tracks leading to nowhere and railway carriages which have been turned into haunting dwellings.

Remarkably, civilisation actually lives here. There's a pub which is quite unusual with key rings hanging from every beam on the ceiling and houses that look like they're from the Wild Wild West.

You have to see it to believe it - and even better if there's a dramatic sunset to enjoy!



The final stop on our Twixmas break was Brighton, which was handily on our route back home. 

Living a lot closer to Brighton these days has meant that I've gotten a lot more familiar with the place. It's always nice to walk along the seafront, especially when it's as blue a sky as it was over Twixmas - it almost felt summery!

I've still to find the true gems in Brighton but it's always worth getting lost in The Lanes, stopping by as many jewellery shop windows as possible and visiting some of my favourite high street shops (COS, All Saints, Space NK, The White Company). One restaurant that's well and truly on my radar is Riddle & Finns - a seafood restaurant in The Lanes and an Oyster & Champagne Bar on the seafront. I'll definitely be paying them a visit soon.