Travel Diary: Venice, pt 1.

At the beginning of the month, I made the decision to have a very last minute, spontaneous trip to Venice. Having seen it all over my instagram feed this summer, I was determined to pop over for myself at all costs. As it happened, a friend who was travelling around Europe was planning on being in my favourite floating city over the weekend and so, four days before, I booked my flights and off I went!

I've travelled alone before but forgot how much I loved it. I've you've never done it, then you must. I had no-one to organise but myself and did things completely on my own time. It's also rather wonderful when you manage to get yourself from A-B without any sort of hiccup at all. I like to think I'm fairly independent and capable of taking care of  myself - every now and again, it's good to put the test into practice and remember you really can do it!

This was to be the third time I would be visiting Venice. It's somewhere I simply never tire of. For starters, it's impossibly beautiful. The Venetians have some of the most spectacular buildings I've ever seen - everything from their window shutters to their doors are just divine, I was in property heaven! Not to mention, the endless canals and obligatory gondolas riding through them at every moment, it really makes for quite the sight for a shutterbug like me.

There's plenty on offer in Venice. You have all the necessary tourist sights of course, and the different islands to visit, but my best advice to anyone visiting - whether for the first or tenth time - is just this: get completely lost.

I had some time before meeting up with the girls to drop my bags off at the hotel and go for a wander. A long, winding, wander. And so, I grabbed my camera and made sure I was wearing comfortable footwear and off I went, leaving the map behind (but with google maps at my fingertips should I need a quick location "refresh"). There's something so liberating to just go wherever your eyes take you, even if it leads you directly to a dead-end. Because in Venice, even the dead-ends are a sight to see.

In my next couple of posts (because I took far too many photos to just do the one!), I'll be giving you my personal recommendations of things to do and see. But for now, enjoy the result of me getting utterly lost in Venice. Meandering down narrow streets, going round in circles, striding over bridges and going back on myself is all part of the fun - so don't think twice about doing it when you visit.