Hello Autumn

Crispy sunshine-filled days, the colours of the trees in the parks, justifying wrapping yourself up in as many comfy layers as possible, slipping back into your favourite boots and big coats: these are just some of the reasons I love autumn. It really is my favourite season and October really was one of my happiest months.

August began with a break-up, in September I started my own business and October was about me getting into the swing of things. So far, so good! Week's can be a little bit of a rollercoaster and no two weeks have been the same yet but I am loving it and it's so rewarding being your own boss, making your own decisions, planning your own days and most wonderfully, earning your own money! It's empowering, motivating, rewarding, challenging, interesting and completely fulfilling. I wouldn't change anything that's happened in the past three months one bit. It's all actually been rather amazing and for the better.

Instead of using this post to talk about my outfit (it's super comfy and the perfect transitional outfit - that's all you need to know!) I'm going to let you into a few of my favourite things right now. Why not hey?


Chairs & Coffees in Fulham is one of the best coffee shops around - they make an extremely good mocha and the best scrambled eggs & chorizo I've had in a very long time. Well worth the visit Fulhamites. Not forgetting The Grind family for their simply awesome vibes - if you're ever near one, it's just worth every second of your time to go in and order something from them. Native in Neal's Yard is another wonderful little restaurant I had the pleasure of visiting the other day - a full blog post is coming soon (so take that as maybe in a month or so!). Finally, I went to the uber fancy re-launch of the Sheraton Grand Park Lane a couple of weeks ago and oh my, what a treat. If you ever have the opportunity to go, GO! Super swanky and totally decadent. I loved every second celeb-spotting and champagne sipping.


Kiehl's in Seven Dials (Covent Garden) is just the best - go in for a full skin consultation and you'll leave feeling optimistic that you will one day achieve that flawless make-up free face you dream about. Plus, they give you samples - and samples are good! & Other Stories - pulling out all the winter stops, I need pretty much a whole new wardrobe thanks to their latest offerings. The new Apple Store on Regent Street has been revealed and it's pretty impressive inside. If you can bear the queues (I for one, CANNOT) then maybe queue up for me and find out why my phone NEVER has any damn storage space left and report back to me. Thanks!


OK so I have pretty eclectic music taste verging on brilliant to absolutely naff at times. But I love this song at the moment (I'm convinced I'm going to get him to sing at my wedding one day - let's just say, future husband, it NEEDS to happen), this song is pretty awesome too (kinda sounds a bit Phil Collins-y which in my opinion is AMAZINGNESS) and this one (told you, naff). I've also rediscovered my love for this song and I always have time for this song when I need to chill out - just have a listen to this and try not to fall in love, you won't be able to. I need to go to one of his concerts pronto, I think I'll just cry with happiness the whole way through. Who's with me?

Coat - Massimo Dutti (old)

The most heavenly wool scarf - And Other Stories

Trousers - H&M

Cami - Topshop

Superstars - Adidas

Bag - Chanel