Staying at Hotel Dona Palace, San Marco, Venice

Hotels in Venice have always been a tricky one for me. Our first trip years back resulted in a stay in a tiny room, with no air conditioning, during summer - NEVER again. The second, much better, but it was a little further out from all the sights and places we wanted to see. 

Venice is certainly not short of a hotel or two - in fact, the city is swarming with them - but you never know exactly what to expect when you arrive. Of course, you can pay a small fortune and stay at one of the grand classic hotels, but not everyone wants to blow their budget on a night's stay.

There's always the option to stay in an Air BnB when you're away, but as myself and friends have found in the past, there's the early check-out/nowhere to leave your bags/the chore of making sure the place is spotless when you leave debacle that quite honestly, I can't be bothered with. Plus, I actually love staying in hotels; it's all part of the holiday experience.

And so, before my trip, I did my hotel research and came across Hotel Dona Palace. Conveniently located near the San Marco Square and the lagoon front, this four star hotel is a perfect little oasis in the middle of Venice. It's small and charming with wonderful staff and exceeds anywhere I've stayed in Venice before.

Let's have a look around, shall we?

My room (number 14 incase you're interested) is one of the hotel's junior suites and is completely, wonderfully, unnecessarily HUGE and decked in true Venetian-style.

Case in point...

I reckoned you could fit at least four people comfortably into the bed and pretty much everyone I know in the suite itself! There was even a small lounge around the corner incase the bedroom wasn't quite spacious enough which sadly I didn't get to make much use of!

The room also had quite the perk...

Courtesy of the views out of the (many) windows! You can never beat a room with a view!

Not a bad spot at all to enjoy a Bellini and watch as all of Venice goes by on a gondola.

Conveniently located just next door to my room was the Breakfast Room.

The grandest spectacle for breakfast I've ever seen.

The Dona Palace goes all out at breakfast, that's for sure.

Nothing is off limits - including champagne!

Feeling not so bubbly on a Monday morning, I opted for the juices instead. Sorry - bore over here!

And yes, they really are doughnuts. Ahem, "breakfast doughnuts"

The final gem at Dona Palace is the private garden terrace outside. It really is simply wonderful.

You can only access it through the hotel meaning it truly is just for hotel guests alone. A private little oasis in the back streets of Venice.

All that's left is to pull up a seat, grab a drink and watch as the Venetians go about their daily business.